La Boss Restaurant

Enjoy Breakfast, Brunch or Dinner at La Boss Restaurant... conveniently located in the lobby serving modern Italian dining fused with multicultural flavours and great hospitality make this a restaurant not to be missed during your stay

Delicious mouth-watering Meals

Open 7 days a week…
Breakfast 7am-2pm daily
Dinner 6pm-10pm daily

Please book to avoid dissapointment

Brunch Menu

Rise and Shine

Morning Porridge  12.0
Organic oats and berries, poached pear, cinnamon, honey and your choice of almond, full cream, skim or soy milk

Brekkie Granola  12.5
Sweet yogurt, homemade granola, seasonal berries, coconut flakes and maple syrup

Quinoa Breakfast  13.5
Coconut quinoa, sweet yogurt, seasonal berries, bananas, chia seeds and honey

Pain Perdu  14.5
Caramelised briocche bread, sweet yogurt, seasonal berries, walnuts, coconut shavings and maple syrup

Pancake Tritato  15.5
Roughly chopped pancakes tossed with seasonal berries side of mascarpone cheese and maple syrup


– 3 per serve –

Vegetarian  12.5
Brioche bread, pesto, rocket, haloumi, avocado, mushrooms and scrambled eggs

Original  13.9
Brioche bread, sujuk, fried egg, tomato salsa and Danish feta


Greek Egg Crepe  12.9
Olives, onion, spinach, feta, capsicum and tomato

Sujuk Egg Crepe  13.9
Sujuk, onion, mushroom, spinach, mozzarella cheese and zaatar

Salmon Egg Crepe  14.9
Smoked salmon, spinach, mushroom, onion and haloumi

– Extras –

One egg  1.5

Mushroom, spinach, bread, olives, hash brown  2.0

Avocado, feta, labne, grilled haloumi  2.5

Sausages, beef rashes, smoked salmon, sujuk  3.0

From around the World

The Mediterranean Plate  19.9
Two eggs poached, scrambled or fried, tomato salsa, traditional Lebanese yogurt, olives, beetroot puree, wild mushrooms, mince meat with pine nuts, oregano leaves and Lebanese bread

The Organic Plate  20.9
Two eggs poached, scrambled or fried smoked salmon, wild mushrooms, avocado, side salad of rocket, feta, cherry tomato and pine nuts, haloumi, rainbow carrots and soy linseed bread

The Canadian Plate  21.5
Two eggs poached, scrambled or fried, grilled tomato, sausage, beef rashes, wedges, Belgium chocolate waffle with maple syrup and sourdough bread

The Works on Sourdough

Eggs & Bread  12.9
Sautéed tomato mixed with eggs served with bread

Simply Bruschetta  13.9
Avocado, bruschetta mix on sourdough bread and balsamic glaze

Guac & bread  14.9
Guacomole mix, rocket, Danish feta on a sourdough bread and your choice of eggs (poached, scrambled or fried)

Mushroom & Bread  15.5
Mushrooms, haloumi, rocket, Basil pesto and your choice of eggs (poached, scrambled or fried)

Healthy Option  15.9
Avocado, haloumi, cherry tomato, brown sourdough bread and your choice of eggs (poached, scrambled or fried)

The Benedict  16.5
Wilted spinach, sourdough bread, salmon with your choice of eggs (poached, scrambled or fried) and hollandaise sauce

For the Kids

PB&J  4.5
Peanut butter and jam sandwich

Cheesy Open Grill  5.9
Mozzarella cheese toasted on sourdough bread

Yummy Yogurt  6.5
Strawberry yogurt with banana and fresh strawberries

Little Maple  7.5
Scrambled eggs, bread, waffles and maple syrup

Tutti Fruitti  7.9
Fruit salad with ice cream

3 Things + Eggs  8.9
Scrambled eggs, hash brown, sausages and Lebanese bread

Dinner Menu


Garlic Bread  5.9

Pomodoro Bruschetta  7.5
Diced roma tomato, Spanish onion, basil, feta & balsamic glaze

Gamberetto Bruschetta  8.9
Coriander and garlic prawns tossed in bruschetta mix


Ostrichi (minimum 6)  3.0 each
Freshly shucked oysters with choice of:
Natural / Lime & Coriander / Chilli Tomato Salsa

Ulivo Dish  14.5
Pan seared olives topped with chilli, Danish feta side
of tomato salsa served with ciabatta bread

Cozze Nera  16.9
Black mussels pan seared with garlic, parsley, and chilli
in a napoletana sauce served with ciabatta bread

Polipetti  17.9
Baby octopus marinated and grilled served with garden salad

Sale e Pepe Mescolare  18.5
Salt and pepper squid and calamari lightly floured served with lemon and chilli aioli

Aglio Gamberetto  18.9
Garlic prawns in napoletana sauce served with ciabatta bread

Extras and Sides

Homemade Chips  7.9
Add fresh garlic and rosemary OR feta and oregano

Wedges  8.9
Served with sour cream and sweet chilli

Steamed Vegetables  9.5
Seasonal steamed vegetables tossed in garlic, sea salt and butter

Homemade Mash Potato  10.9


Mediterranean Salad (Tabouli)  15.0
Parsley, diced tomato, onion, cracked wheat, with lemon and oil dressing

Caprese Salad  16.0
Tomato, rocket, spinach buffalo mozzarella, basil, oregano and Italian dressing

Peri Peri Chicken & Avocado Salad  17.0
Garden salad with fresh chicken and avocado served with peri peri mayo

Salmon Salad  18.0
Smoked salmon, avocado, fresh mesulin leaves, cherry tomato, carrot and goat cheese with your choice of carrot dressing or aioli

Extras with any Salad:
Grilled Chicken  3.0
Smoked Salmon  3.9
Tiger Prawns  4.5
Grilled Haloumi & Avocado  2.5


Fettuccine Gamberi All’Aglio  20.0
Prawns, garlic, coriander and chilli with extra virgin olive oil

Linguine Gamberoni  21.0
King prawns and mushrooms in a pink sauce

Penne Pesto  22.0
Basil pesto with pine nuts chicken & cream

Spaghetti Bolognaise  22.0
Bolognaise napoli sauce with basil and oregano (chilli optional)

Pasta a Conchiglia  22.0
Shell pasta, European yogurts with garlic, pine nuts, coriander

Fettuccine Pollo e Fungi  23.0
Chicken, garlic, mushroom and parsley

Linguine Salsa Rosa  24.0
Chicken, mushroom, in a pink sauce with avocado and semi dried tomato

Spaghetti Marinara  26.0
Mussels, calamari, vongole, prawns, napoli sauce, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and basil (chilli optional)

Pollo – Chicken

Appena Schnitzel  27.0
Chicken Schnitzel served with chips, salad and a side of lemon

Limone Crimoso  28.0
Chicken served with creamy lemon and garlic sauce, mash potato and vegetables

Pollo e Crema  29.0
Chicken served with creamy mushroom sauce, chips and garden salad

Pollo Farcito  31.0
Chicken breast stuffed with Danish feta and spices, baked & served with roast potato

La Carne -Meat

Your choice of yearling is grilled to your requirements and served with duchess potatoes, radish slices and your choice of Side

Side Options:

Mash Potato / Pasta with Cheese / Salad / Chips

Sauce Options:

Mushroom / Pepper / Lemon & Garlic / Diane

Lamb Cotolette  30.0
Marinated lamb cutlets, served with sweet potato puree, squash, onion and tomato

Eye Fillet  32.0
300g grilled eye fillet steak

Rump  34.0
300g grilled rump steak

Rib Eye  38.0
350g grilled rib eye steak

T-Bone  42.0
400g grilled t-bone steak

Dal Mare – Seafood

Pesce e Aglio  27.0
Baked marinated barramundi served with rainbow carrots, mash potato and lemon and garlic sauce

San Pietro  28.0
John dory fish grilled with red cabbage, mushrooms, beetroot puree, carrot puree and onions

Sesamo Filetto  29.0
Snapper fillet cooked in coriander, chilli and garlic with tahini topped with almonds and served with chat potato and steamed vegetables

The Dal Mare Plate  49.0
Grilled chilli prawns, lobster tail, blue swimmer crabs, scampi, clams, scallops, and fresh oysters served with avocado cream, seafood sauce chips and salad

Desserts & Drinks Menu


Pistachio Churros 15.9
Round churros lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar served with pistachio ice cream, flower petals, pashmak (Persian fairy floss) and white chocolate

Melting Cupola 16.9
White chocolate dome with chocolate fudge brownies, strawberries, vanilla ice cream and hot milk chocolate sauce to crack open your chocolate dome

Berry Crostata 18.9
Homemade tarts with sweet
cream filling, fresh glazed berries, dates, walnut crumble, white chocolate, dried Persian rose and mint leaves

Soft Drinks

Coke / Coke Zero / Fanta / Sprite / Lift  4.0

Lemon Lime & Bitters  3.5

Mt Franklin Water  3.0


7.5 ea

Fresh Orange Juice / Fresh Apple Juice / Fresh Carrot Juice / Fresh Watermelon Juice 


7.5 ea

Chocolate / Strawberry / Vanilla / Banana / Caramel

as Thickshake  + 1.0


8.0 ea

Lemon and Mint / Cookies and Cream / Nutella / Tim Tam / Coffee


Banana Berry  8.9
Banana, blueberries, strawberries in blended ice

Lemon Lime  8.9
Mint, lemon lime gelato, lemon cordial in blended ice

Avo Avo  8.9
Avocado, milk, honey in blended ice

Banana Avo Bang  8.9
Banana, avocado, milk, honey, dates in blended ice

Luscious Pistachio  8.9
Pistachio ice cream, milk, sugar syrup in blended ice